Bukkit CoreProtect 2.17.5

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. Yea but its like... 21 GB big xD is that fine for you?
  2. Intelli


    Yeah that's fine. Feel free to PM me a link once you've uploaded it.
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  3. Intelli


    Intelli updated CoreProtect with a new update entry:

    CoreProtect v2.16.3 [Spigot 1.13]

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Intelli


    I was able to track down the cause of the issue, and it's now fixed in CoreProtect v2.16.3.
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  5. Oh so you don't need my file anymore?
    You're a blast, thank you so much for working so fast on such great plugin! :love:
  6. Intelli


    Do you have mcMMO installed? That's known to cause issues with custom potions.
  7. mcMMO not installed.
    Error apperared when WorldGuard save worlds, when player dispatch command, when player write in chat.
    Config https://pastebin.com/rf6tnvy9
  8. Intelli


    The error is occurring on block placement and removal. Likely caused by custom potion types in a chest.

    I.e. the lines:

    Unfortunately, the only options at the present time are to either:

    1. Ignore the error
    2. Remove custom potions from your server
    3. Update your server to Spigot 1.13.2 with CoreProtect 2.16.3
  9. I don't have custom potions plugin. I can't update server to Spigot 1.13
  10. Intelli


  11. 1. I use my own plugins on 1.12.1 and I use plugins from spigotmc that only support 1.12
    2. 1.13 not optimized than 1.12
    3. I don't want recreate all world for 1.13
    4. I waiting for version 1.14 to upgrade to it.
    5. I think too late to update to 1.13
  12. Intelli


    Recreating worlds isn't necessary, and a number of old 1.12 plugins still work on Spigot 1.13.

    However, Minecraft 1.14 will hopefully be released soon.
  13. "I don't want recreate all world for 1.13" - maybe I had world which the created on old versions
    What about error? I don't have custom potions plugin but error i have.
  14. Intelli


    Old worlds can still be used in 1.13.

    As well, the error was fixed in CoreProtect 2.15.0.
  15. Thanks :)
  16. upload_2019-3-30_11-5-18.png

    when i type co restore t:3h r:#global it dosen't work and asks for the radious!
  17. Intelli


    Using r:#global requires specifying a user.
  18. PhanaticD


    would be nice to have auto purge
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