Bukkit CoreProtect 2.17.5

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. Intelli


  2. I'm using latest of core protect and dev builds of world edit/guard.
  3. We recently demoted and promoted some Mods. One of the Mods we demoted now does not have access to /coreprotect inspect and is stuck in the inspector. Is there any way to disable it for him? Thanks.
  4. PhanaticD


    is there any way to tell what was written on signs? that and auto purge is so far the only things I am really missing after switching from prism
  5. I don't know how but I did a /co purge t:30d and somehow the plugin corrupted the mysql server and made it shut the mysql server down. It wouldn't even let me start it in safe mode. Is there a reason why this would have happened?

    Its like the purge succeeded and finished the purge but then it tried to connect to the mysql server again after for some reason but the mysql server must have somehow become corrupted and crashed:

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  6. I know that 1.14 has just come out, but i was wonder about status of this plugin on 1.14, if a new version is planning to come out or if its in development already? Thank you :)
  7. Intelli


    Wouldn't be anything CoreProtect related, I'd recommend restarting your system and reviewing logs for any errors.

    CoreProtect v2.16.3 can safely be used on Spigot 1.14.

    CoreProtect v2.17.0 will likely be out later this week.
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  8. Looks like chests aren't logging in 1.14. (2.16.3)
    A player tested it for me by putting a melon in a chest. Left/right clicked the chest in inspect mode, said no data.
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  9. Well, things changed in 1.14, so just have to wait for an update, looks like soon according the last reply from the dev.
  10. Intelli


    Chests are logged, just an issue with inspector lookups on chest. Can still use command based lookups on chests.

    Waiting on Spigot to release an API for getting the new villager data before releasing the CoreProtect 2.17 update.
  11. Intelli


    The two plugins I see mentioned there are Skript and Fe. However, it appears they're trying to write to MySQL, so it also could be an issue with your MySQL server.
  12. There is no jenkins for dev builds right?
  13. "You can only purge data older than 30 days".
    In our case this produces way too much data and we need to purge every 14 days at latest.
    Do you think you can add an option for that? I see no reason why not make this configurable to less than 30 days.
  14. Intelli


    Not currently.

    You can purge more recent data by running the command from the console.
  15. Thanks. I noticed this.
    But I run into another issue. I executed "co purge t:14d" from console and it says:
    "[CoreProtect] Do not restart your server until completed."
    But since this message appeared in console nothing else happened. How long does it take to finish the purge? How many hours? We have only 30 million entries in core_blocks.
    Also is there a command to cancel the purge (because restart is every few hours and I don't know what will happen when server restarts while purging is active) ?
  16. Intelli


    Depends on your disk drive speed, system load, etc.
    However, you should see a "Processing..." message right away.

    For example, here's the full output of a purge:
    You can check if the purge is still running by attempting to run a lookup command in-game.
    If the purge is running, you'll receive this message: "Purge in progress. Please try again later"
  17. I receive this random error in the console every now and then. https://pastebin.com/06cC0AZH using 2.16.3 on 1.14.

    I mean, assume this won't be an issue in 1.14v but maybe if you could tell me it's something my end causing the error? it's very spammy!
  18. Intelli


    Spigot fixed that issue 5 days ago. https://hub.spigotmc.org/stash/proj...mits/a584320126d22f0571a00ed96af34485a90565f9

    Please make sure your server is up to date. Spigot 1.14 isn't yet suitable for production usage, and should always be kept up to date.
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