Cornerstone plots like in Trove

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  1. In the game Trove you just walk up to to a Cornerstone that's open, claim it and WHAM your house appears before you. When you log out or claim a different cornerstone the plot opens back up for someone else.

    You can make changes to your house and the changes are saved automatically.

    The idea is instead of having set builds everywhere, players' houses log off with them. That way it doesn't matter how long a player has been away, they don't leave behind an abandoned build and they have their house waiting for them when they log back on and claim an open cornerstone.

    Are there any plugins in existence that work like this, or even close?
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  2. No, not that I know, but using existing plugins and a combination of some commands that happen when you claim and unclaim .. who knows. shouldn't be too hard for someone to throw together.

    If it's a plot, then /claim could use worldedit api to select the plot for you and load a default schematic if it doesn't know you. And if you /unclaim a plot, then worldedit api can be used perhaps to select the plot from top to bottom and store it as your uuid schematic.

    This way when you come back, it can check if your uuid is known or not, and if it is not: default schematic, else uuid.schematic.

    I actually kinda like this idea for towny servers. I wish i knew how to code this.