Spigot Coronavirus 1.0.4

Minecraft but with the Coronavirus!

  1. FrostedSnowman

    Resource Staff

    I will be updating this sometime this week :)
  2. FrostedSnowman

    Resource Staff

  3. *Feature Request*

    1. Make it so that when a player clicks shift twice, it will make them "cough" with gas particle effect like this https://imgur.com/a/nprIcQb, players in a radius of lets say 5 blocks will get infected within 3 seconds too. If infected players with mask coughs, the infection radius will be reduced to 3.

    2. Make different type of mask, surgical mask, n94 mask, n95, gas mask etc.

    3. Make an antidote (potion), infected players who does not drink it will die within a few minecraft days automatically.

    4. Add hand sanitizer, would prevent players from getting infected after getting punched by infected players once.

    5. Buy sign for handsanitizer, antidote and mask. Can let admin determine the stock level of these items so players have to buy when there is stock etc.
  4. may be implementing a vaccine craft ^^
  5. Any chance of being able to change the texture on the mask?.
  6. Please add a /cv vaccine command costing MONEY and Permissions to be allowed vaccine.