Spigot CorpseReborn 2.16.0 BETA

Dead bodies in bukkit (1.7.10 - 1.16.4)

  1. How i can make that when the person die , in his chat appear the location (x,y,z) of it corpse .
    And to lock to other players to catch the loot(Just the owner can take them).
  2. PawPawDude


    Super excited that you're ramping up on CorpseReborn... one of the coolest and most useful plugins I've used. Makes a huge difference to see the lootable corpse rather than a chest or just a bunch of items on the ground or nothing at all.

    This may've been mentioned... I've noticed in this recent beta version that corpses have some kind of banner or fabric object over them. First click removes the banner, second click loots the corpse. Just reporting.

    I keep thinking I'd have a feature recommendation, but honestly, it's great the way it is, though I bet you've got something interesting in mind, not the least being WorldGuard compat.
  3. I want to send a message when someone clicks on the corpse but i didnt figure it out yet, how to do it in the right way, so maybe someone could help me? I need the playername of the corpse btw :) Screenshot_11.png
  4. PawPawDude


    Even better, dev, add the capability to run a player/op/console command(s) when clicking/looting the corpse. Takes its value to the next level! Example, could give message (as mentioned above), could increment a "grave-robber" variable use in scoreboard, could send grave robber to jail, could cast an enchantment, etc etc
  5. For those getting the [CorpseReborn] Removed bugged cow at... console spam, you can do the following to remove it.

    1. Turn on Creative Mode /gmc. Teleport /tp to that specific coordinate. For example: [CorpseReborn] Removed bugged cow at 429 35 -2014 <-- it means there is a bugged cow at those coordinates.

    2. Roughly select a 3x3 area with your wand (WorldEdit using //wand) around where the bugged out cow is, then use the //cut command. Then go ahead and replace whatever you cut out if you need to.

    However, let's say, like me, you have a bugged out cow that is out of the world's min and max coordinates. Eg: [CorpseReborn] Removed bugged cow at 487 -319 1, then you need to do the following.

    1. Turn on Creative Mode /gmc. /tp to 485 3 -3, then use your //wand to select the block right below you. Then /tp to 490 3 3 and select the block under you. Break that block under you, then double click your jump key to float. If you don't do this, you will fall into the abyss and die or just fall forever.

    2. Type //expand 1000 down.

    3. Now, do //cut.

    4. In that hole you just cut out, I suggest you fill it with bedrock, so your players don't wander into it and fall into the pits of doom. ^_^

    At this point, if you restart your server, you will notice CorpseReborn no longer tries to remove a bugged out cow in the abyss out of reach. If you're wondering why you can't just /tp to the negative regions, it's because you would be killed trying, even in Creative Mode.

    I am aware this is a work-around, but the developer seems to be semi-MIA.
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  6. PawPawDude


    Thanks for the workaround tip for removing the bugged cow. My guess is the dev could fix that in a matter of minutes if we could find him/her. Meanwhile, to the coordinates we go!
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  7. PawPawDude


    @ericgolde555 would you please please fix the bugged cow message that spams *everyone's* console? Please. Would be so appreciative.

    If you're standing next to a corpse when you join the server, you actually see the DAMNED COW for an instant. Hey, I know this is a free plugin, and I'm grateful -- really am!, but this has been a long standing issue discussed often here. Thanks for understanding.

    #587 PawPawDude, Aug 23, 2019
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  8. I've used this plugin on a 1.13.2 server, it worked (with tons of warning in console but ok)... I've tried it on 1.14.4, there is still a huge amount of warnings (and a few errors), and the corpse is no more lying. What a pity, I liked CorpseReborn, but this is not usable in a server 1.14 for now. :(

    I will go on to survey future releases, but TBH I've coded my own plugin now and so, not sure I'll back to it.
    Hope you can fix the old "bugged cow" and other bugs soon.
  9. How i do set differents worlds and not all?
  10. When I turn off the Looting Inventory option, the top turns on by itself, can you fix it?
  11. Hi. It's been a while. I know. I am currently in college, and I just have been swamped with homework. I have not been good about communicating this, and I will try to be better about it in the future.

    As for when this plugin will get a update. I just don't know. College and my grades come first before games. That will not change.

    Thank you for sticking with me (even though I have been getting flooded with bug reports)

    --Eric Golde
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  12. z__


    broken in 1.15.x most likely just due to a version check (easily fixable)
  13. Not so simple as this plugin use lots of NMS, basically you should have a specific class for 1.15 / 1.15.1 in this folder:
    1.15 has minor API change, so replacing version number of classes imports, in a copy of the 1.14 class should be enough. With a modern IDE, duplicate the file and run the command to update imports should do the trick ("organize imports" in Eclipse).

    And yes, there is also a version check in method "isVersionSupported()" as you can see here:
    but it's based on the fact this specific NMS class exists, so creating it is enough to pass.

    As Eric told is busy because of his studies, you should do it by yourself BUT He's sharing the code without an open source licence, so even if Github's terms allows to create a fork (using the button "fork") of a published github repository, you need his approval to modify it, and eventually distribute your modified version. In fact, Eric's repository is already a fork from Virizion's repository (with his agreement as you can see on his old plugin page), so maybe you should have to ask to Virizion too or instead.

    Except those legal aspects, porting from 1.14 to 1.15 should be easy for a dev (see what I just explained).
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  14. z__


    yeah, i forked it on github, then quickly realized it was more difficult
  15. So apparently 1.15 is a thing. Ill be getting to updating CorpseReborn when I can, and hoping patching 1.14.x ad much as I can.

    I know I haven't been on Spigot much, I will try to be more active on here, and with the CorpseReborn project.

    Its almost 2am, please excuse my spelling :p
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  16. 1.15 хочется уже увидеть, проект на 1.15 , нужны для мардера, а не работает плагин на 1.15,обнови по братски!
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  17. Hey Eric Golde, Peter Golde and Virizion!

    Im using you great plugin CorpseReborn and was thinking wouldnt it be awesome to get a option for your config to choose to let only players loot from your Corpse so you can use it like an "Deathchest" only for you!

    Would be fantastic to have something like that and i think more people would get your plugin for other use too :)

    // Andreas
  18. Hey, I have a problem in 1.13.2, corpse not spawn but cow are here when I connect in 1.8 version with viaversion
  19. I keep getting this spam:
    Code (Text):
    [11:09:09 INFO]: [CorpseReborn] Removed bugged cow at 692 64 1137
    on 1.13.2 Paper

    (it usually says it on the same coordinates as previous)