Spigot Corpses 2.2

Dead bodies in bukkit

  1. ah okay
    this won't ever break anything will it? is there anything at all you can think of that dying on top of or near could break? jw :)
    like, if it replaced redstone circuit for example? or blocked a water flow and made the waterflow go elsewhere? or replace a crafting table someone was using? you know..? it would be very rare but these are possibilities i could see happening eventually
    anything to be worried about?
  2. The block is a fake block. It is only clientside.
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  3. That's using scoreboards, but it would mess up other plugins.
  4. Hey, I don't suppose you can make it so you can choose in the config whether or not corpses are lootable? Also maybe a per-world option? So corpses only spawn in selected worlds?
  5. I can add a per-world option. Also you can already change corpses to be lootable or not. Just change looting-inventory in the config to true or false.
  6. Oh, that's not there for me. I'll try deleting the config

    EDIT: Ah, that did it. I got it now :p Sorry, so will this now make the items drop on the ground instead? I use ClearLagg and I have it set so death items won't despawn but I want corpses to despawn after 5 minutes so just wondering :p Thanks for the update btw, been waiting to use this awesome plugin for ages
  7. Just wondering, would you mind posting the source code :3
  8. i noticed when i do /spawncorpse, it puts my inventory in it too... not sure if this should be changed or anything but just thought i'd mention it and see what you have to say :)

    i have keepInventory enabled in all my worlds so i'm just gonna turn off looting. just fyi

    it allows item duplication but, /spawncorpse isn't really a player command anyways, for me at least, so idk if it's an issue or not
  9. Request!
    1. Can you add when a player loots and clears all the inv of the dead body it disappear after....
    2. An empty Corpses despawns on a different timer

    so far i love this plugin! specially for pvp arena!
  10. It's messy, but I'll probably upload to GitHub later.
    I didn't think you would need to clear the inventory because it's more of an admin command.
    Explain what you mean a little more?

    Edit: GitHub added to main page.
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  11. he means, if you were to make corpses despawn after looting, he still wants empty inventory corpses to stay for a certain amount of time
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  12. Ahh, I thought it was that, but it didn't sound right.
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  13. I'm looking forward to the per-world option for the plugin ^_^
  14. In the latest version for some reason each corpse generates a blank spot in the TAB list when you re-spawn and at random times. @YoloEnderman
  15. Whenever a corpse spawns, it puts a tab spot for one second because without it, corpses won't render.
  16. Great plugin!
    I was playing around with it and I digged a small area around my body to find out if you can actually see the bed that the player is lying on and you can which isn't a big problem but I was just thinking, wouldn't it be possible to disguise this bed block as "stone" or even better if possible; similar to the current terrain, for instance if it's beside a sand block it would be disguised as sand (screenshot of the bed):
    That's just a suggestion, also I have pretty high time for these bodies to disappear so I was thinking (if possible of course) that perhaps if blocks below this player are destoryed/interacted the dead player would pop bones (3 for instance) and a smoke effect, wouldn't that be cool instead of a flying body? Just a suggestion of course ;)
    Again, amazing plugin!
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  17. The bed is required or the client does not render the corpse. I can put the bed at y = 0 I think. Also considering the suggestion.