Spigot Corpses 2.2

Dead bodies in bukkit

  1. Yes of course, the bed is necessary but it could be disguised, perhaps with falling sand placed on it but it seems like this is unnecessary as if the idea above is applied with making the corpse disappear once somebody interacts with it (for instance break blocks under it).
    Also as you said, personally I feel like placing the bed at y = 0 is the best as here is a small thing that happens:
    This isn't a big problem but when this happens in someone's house it might be slightly weird and if the bed is broken the nametag still stays.
  2. could you give us the option to choose which y coord to spawn the bed at? from top to bottom of world?
    y 0 sounds great though btw
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  3. can you make the player die and all item save in the corpse?
  4. Doesn't appear to be working on 1.8.8. Update? :p
  5. Since when was there a 1.8.8?
  6. Since today
  7. Ah well I just noticed. I'll update it later.
  8. Thanks! Fyi, the plugin does load but the corpses aren't appearing, just the empty name plate above them
  9. Idk about you guys, but I have noticed that when a corpse spawns, it causes my game to glitch a little bit. It'll freeze my client for a few secs. Also, I would like to suggest that you add a command that can allow us to despawn a corpse.

    Sick plugin btw, thank you :D
  10. Yom


    Is it possible to fix the strange visual bug everyone is getting? Where it loads strange block formations over and over right out of render distance in all directions?
    Take a look. I have 3 servers which run this plugin ans this happens on all of them., When I remove the plugin it stops. Any suggestions?

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  11. Yom


    I also have this problem on all my servers
  12. Oh Yom, is that what's causing that. Interesting, I had no idea, thank you, that's been so annoying!!
  13. you can add when they click on body to get items from him?

  14. hi please add in config file the features to be able to desactivate world , we have a pvp world and corpses makes it very laggy
  15. Excellent plugin! One thing, the looting-inventory config option is inverted. You have to set looting-inventory to false to be able to loot inventories. Also, the /spawncorpse command does not generate a corpse even though in chat it said that it did successfully.
  16. Excellant plugin! One feature that could be beneficial is making it so items drop normally and the corpse spawns instead of the corpse holding the item.
  17. Good plugin, just buggy and glitchy for a few areas. Sometime players would be disconnected on hitting a player, or clicking on a corpse. Or respawning as the corpse on quit & rejoin, and taking awhile to go back to normal skin on player.
  18. Great Plugin! The only thing that would make it better is to make it possible to select a skin to show up for all corpses. (I am working on a Halo minigame and when a person dies I want the corpse to be Master Chief)
  19. can u make some methods as API for developers?