Corrupted chunks - Help! Server crashing every 5 mins!

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    Hi, im not going to go into lengthy explanation about how it happened, but basically i ran out of disk space without noticing, which corrupted a load of chunks and did a load of other bad things.

    The problem is, players join, or travel to a corrupted chunk, or even near it - and the server crashes!

    What can i do? I currently have to ban the player. But that just loses me players over a dumb error that i need to solve.

    So, how can i get which chunks are corrupt, or, if impossible, how do i get a chunk from a location?

    md_5, you know anything 'bout this? I know you could help, and that you are online at the moment ;)

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. I had the same problem, this morning I used to find the corrupt chunks and delete them. Luckily they were in uninhabited areas. That tool also has an option to restore corrupt chunks from a world backup.
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  3. You could try using chunkster, normal helps with problems like this. Wish you luck.
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  4. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to save the chunks. You'll need to remove the corrupted chunk(s).
    Use one of the tools posted above, or use MCEdit.

    With luck, the corrupted chunks might not be important chunks. Otherwise, I hope you had a backup.
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  5. why not remove your current map... or simply make a new duplicated one with multiverse?
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