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    So , I've been struggling to get a large audience to test a beta feature.

    I mean, I have about 10 servers that been testing a specific plugin of me since 2014 - and their input is gold to me. But for one particular feature that has been in open beta for 7ish months there is rarely any input despite wiki pages, large note on plugin description, multiple reminders in de discussions. I've got the input from the 10 servers .. but nothing from anyone else

    That made me think to do something like a lot of apps do. On first startup of the plugin you get asked to join a beta program or dismiss the notice.

    I am looking for things to convince someone to join this in terms of cosmetic features. Would this be a good idea?
  2. This is a classic example of good marketing. Pretty much everything we do in our day to day lives is because we have an internal system in our brains that rewards us if we do them. So basically, our species are all addicts looking for the next dopamine rush. The reason i'm saying this is because if you know how we function, you can work out if people are likely to be interested.
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    Perhaps include a Read Me in the plugins folder. Then you are not risking annoying anyone with what could be considered “advertising”. People would most definitely complain about such messages in-game.

    Including a simple text file won’t hurt anybody imo.
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    It's not something to take lightly. If the features are something that everyone wants - they will become a beta tester just for those features.
    I don't want that - because they are still BETA features. People will complain about bugs without giving me time to fix them, they won't temp. disable the beta program to fix the issue.. because they 'want' to use the feature.

    People don't read Read Me's - I wanted to add the ingame message on first installation combined with other things that they don't read. Like the 3 people that contact me every day asking why their plugin does not start and says that MVdWPlaceholderAPI is outdated...
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    How would you determine who to send the message to? Or would the message get sent to everyone/OPs on the server at first installation/reload?

    As long as it is strictly OPs getting the messages I don’t see any harm done. I’d say go for it.
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