Cosmic PvP Drop Package Plugin?

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  1. I'm looking for the plugin they use on cosmic pvp. The legendary drop packages and the ultra rare drop packages and so forth. Does anyone know if its available?
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  3. I really want one too. Can you please help me with one ?
  4. so do I it would be so cool
  5. JustThiemo

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    I guess not for free again?
  6. i would like the same ples
  7. i also want the plugin or feature where you can right click a piece of paper and it gives you a rank or title
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  9. COuld you make me one plz? :)
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  10. That sounds very cool totally should make it public xD
  11. Might make a free version of this, not as many features since its free of course. Ill let you know if I do.
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  12. JustThiemo

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    And why is free less cooler then paid?
  13. Custom plugins have a lot of hours if he wants to make it premium then it's paid
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    Nah, its not what you say advanced code, you could release it for free. If no one is doing that, then I will do that when I have time again..
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  15. A plugin with more effort and time would be most likely paid if the developer wants it to be like that. Most feature packed free plugins have a premium alternative with more features (ex: CrateReloaded). That is just how I would want it if I want to put my time into it.

    I'm not saying the free version would be less cool, just not as many extra features as the paid. At least I would offer a free version unlike other plugins you must pay to use.
  16. Ill be done with that plugin soon.

    You can use /givedp <name> (In this case "simple") to get a drop package.

    Generates a different item in the GUI each time based on a list (The item in the middle).
  17. Will it be public/up for download?
  18. Sick need to see this!!!! Public or nah please public man!
  19. How is the plugin coming along?
  20. I wanna download it :(