Cosmic PvP Monthly Crates

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  1. Hello I am looking for a CosmicPvP Monthly Crates plugin that allows you to put an amount of 1-3 of some item. I have tried THIS but it does not allow me to add 1-3 of the same item. Also I want the monthly crate plugin to give you a specific 9 items in the normal items and then 1/3 items in the final rewards.

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  2. two, questions, why copy cosmicpvp, its a custom server, no way youre going to get a plugin just like it.
    Secondly, That can be accomplished with CrazyCrates, a crate plugin that gives rewards, both virtual and physical keys for any custom crate you can make. there are several plugins that will allow you to make kits with a key to the monthly crate, as for rewards, everythings customizable
    you just gotta do the work.
    Best suggestion, dont try and copy another server, its just dumb.
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  3. I didn't wanna copy it I just wanted the plugin with 9 items.
  4. Can you send pictures of waht you mean... 9 items you can put 9 items in a crate if thats what u mean.
  5. All I want is to be able to have them get a certain 9 items. Of the 9 items they can get 1-3 of something if that makes sense. So I spin the crate and I get a chance to get 1-15 keys. I manage to get 7.
  6. Am I able to make it so they get 9 items?
  7. With monthly crates you get 9 normal item and one like “super item”