Spigot Cosmic Vaults | Supports 1.8+ 3.0.1

Player Vaults exactly like "the most famous Factions Server"'s player vaults!

  1. I had to give up waiting for this one and couldn't find anything similar :(. But my players needed something that works.

    This closest plugin that I found and have on my server right now is EnderBanks and I like it a lot :). It uses enderchests and is also linked to /ec, so it's still usable from anywhere. Players can even automatically drop their entire inventory into the bank with one click, and it has a search feature.

    The main thing that is different from PVs is that players have to buy their storage pages rather than you setting the permission for a certain limit. My players like this a lot better though because they can have as many pages as they want.
  2. upload_2021-2-21_16-47-8.png I changed the message of the configuration file and restarted the server, but it did not change@RandomHashTags