Cosmicpvp's Kit/Gkit request

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by WhosPanda, May 30, 2016.

  1. Hey, Im looking for a plugin that is like cosmicpvp's plugin where you can do /kit or /gkit and it pops up a gui for each of them.
    The only thing is for the gkit one i would like the enchantments to randomize's the level of each enchant.
    I have seen a few servers with it but they say its custom im wondering if anyone can code something like this for me for free if you can inbox me and we can talk.
  2. Wrong section bud

    Try looking at service & recruitment
  4. Good luck pal
  5. It isn't an custom plugin lol it is chestcommands you can create with that /warp / warps /kit /gkits and more mate..
  6. And are you going to make it? Or are you asking for a dev to do it for you?
  7. Its very easy. download chestcommands see an tutorial you need ask a developer if u dont know how to do that
  8. I know how to make it, i'm not the op. Seriously, people on the forums right now think i'm the op to posts when i'm clearly not.
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  9. Just use Randompackage but you to make gkit gear yourself in the config