Bungee - Spigot Cosmin - Cosmetic armor[1.14 - 1.16][NOT-UPDATED] 1.8

provides two pairs of armor slot one for function, another for display

  1. Thats really weird issue tbh
    Any errors in console?
    Whats your minecraft server jar type again?
    Try using /cosmin reset player_name
  2. Yatopia
  3. Any console error?
  4. Ah can you contact me on discord sachin#8481
    It will be eaiser and quicker to solve such issue rather then refreshing this page evry minute
  5. So as the owner of my server I added this plugin and it works just fine for me but for other players they can open the fake equip menu but toggling the selections to enabled or disabled doesn't work and it disables their ability to take items from chests until re-logging into the server
  6. Seems like a issue can you contact me on discord?
  7. How do I install this mod? I added the 2 libs to the server, do I need something on the client side as well?

    Edit: Nvm, I just had to run the /fakeequip command, doh. Great plugin!
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  8. Ok so there is this annoying sound that plays every time I mine something, and also when opening/closing the inventory. Any way to get rid of that?
  9. For now you have to reduce it by tunning down player sounds in your sounds options
  10. cosmin.command.open
    If two permissions are not given to the user, it cannot be used and a copy bug occurs at the same time.
  11. My server members were also having this issue. As OP I had no problems as well. I decided to uninstall the plugin. We really wanted it to work! :(
  12. Sorry but can you follow me up at discord about this issue
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  13. 1.17 when ? =)
  14. The premium version already supports 1.17 but its under approval
    If you want it before hand dm me on discord ;)
  15. Where i can find premium ?
  16. Its under approval from spigot