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  1. Can I ask server owners how much money they spend on their server each month to keep it running?

    My budget is stretched (£8 per month) and although I only have four players on at any one time, and something like 30 plugins with Dynmap being the biggest hogg of RAM apparently, my server host suggested I upgrade to get more RAM. If I was to run a server with 25-30 players which seems to be average for servers in my experience, the cost of running that would be quite big, something like £20 per month of more without donations. The host provider is really good though, the service is top. When I first decided on setting up a server I didn't think about stuff like chunk loading and even plugins and how much memory they use. The package I have at present should be okay for 16 players, but apparently it doesn't go on players alone, but on other factors as well so that you might not even be able to get 16 players on at all.

    If I had a job it would not be much of a problem but I don't work atm because I am autistic. Just cant put any more money into the server, and now I'm thinking I should be honest and quit and put it down to lack of finances to keep it going. Sad really I put so much effort into it.
  2. Just quit, save more money and then invest into it.
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  3. getting to 25-30 players with 8 dollars a month is going to be quite hard.

    most of your budget should go into advertising, as this is what will bring in more money
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  4. think about this
    1 how many plugins
    2 how many players
    also try quarterly it works for me
  5. Strahan


    Well, if you don't have an income there isn't much wiggle room there. Just run the server at what you can afford and hope you get a player who likes it enough to become a benefactor. Though if I had no job, I don't think I'd be wasting my money on a server. (shrug)
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  7. I suspect a lot of servers will do a full reset on 1.14 with the block changes and villages coming. You might as well shut it and begin work on your spawn for 1.14 with the snapshot. Cheap vps would run you less than 8 quid a month if you can install and manage your own.
  8. I spent 1400€ by now and my dedicated server costs only 40€/month. (Xenon E3-1246v3, 32gb ram, 2TB HDD)

    I will spend another 500€ for graphics and other stuff related to PR.

    I earn quit alot so money is not a hindrance and the server is not even running and was planned to be released last year but hey "let me just improve something fast and then I am ready" is the problem ...

    You should get a job and care more about RL first and when you feel comfortable with your financial situation make a server.
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  9. Own a 300 playerbase Factions network.
    Costs are ~$1000 a month.

    Just to provide some insight.
  10. How many servers? What kind of hardware do they have?
  11. It really just depends on the game mode you go for. Typical game modes such as skyblock & factions cost more to run due to the amount of servers of that game type there are. Majority of these costs often are for advertising and it usually shows for how much a youtuber's manager or the youtuber themselves want. It also depends on the scheme you are going for in those games, builds can be relatively high while development is not so large (don't quote me on this). Hosting is a huge part and with a large playerbase if you are going for it, you are most likely going for a dedicated server which at ovh it cost around $60/monthly or more.

    In total, I'd say $1500 or more for everything if you want a large network or just around $50 or less for all costs on buycraft, hosting, and others if you want to maintain just an average amount of players like 15 - 20. I don't personally run a big network but I've seen the costs of them running high for success.
  12. That's nearly £900 per month. What job do you? You are a hedge fund manager or something? :eek:
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  13. Some people don't even earn that in a month let alone have it to spare.
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  14. Time to get a better job I would say.
  15. My server has around 100-150 players with 10-15 plugins
    6 GB, and costs around 10,63USD
    You just have to find the right host for you.
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  16. Strahan


    Donations likely offset a lot of that cost. I doubt many people would be willing to put over a thousand a month into a Minecraft server totally from their own living budget.
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  17. Do you pay for staff?
  18. Probably pays the developers, managers, builders and maybe a few administrators to keep the server runner. Helpers rarely get paid from what I have heard.
  19. Man I do not mean to be insensitive but.
    Basically putting up a server even a small one requires a steady flow of income.
    If you do not have that much of resources then there are small alternatives but do not expect you will get a large player base.
    One of the alternative I can recommend for you is home hosting. You just need to learn some port forwarding for your router.
    This method will be more expensive than purchasing a 512mb for $4 on a hosting provider as you will shoulder all server costs
    but will give you the flexibility you need.
    This method will give you choices like
    - how many plugins you can use depending on the system you need.
    - you can customize all your server aspects like dedicated ip and ports you will use
    - you do not have to worry about any obligations on any company regarding hosting payments
    - you can just close the server and be done with it if you feel like it or if your financial status cannot cope with
    the electric bills and data connection bills.

    buy a raspberry device for cheap or use the pc or laptop you are using.

    Now this method is only good for private sessions like a lan party or you just want to play with a couple of friends.
    I will not be recommending this if you want to invite a large audience as this method lacks the protection a server needs if you
    encounter an individual that wishes to grief your server.

    Now solved your first question first on how will you put up the server before asking for more complicated stuff like staff salary.

    If you are disabled in some way and have no alternative way to earn an income.
    Then try to consider applying for server staff positions on existing servers.
    If you are a pretty good map builder, you can sell your creations or accept build requests.
    Join any builder community and get exposed.

    I know curiosity gets the best of us but you must consider the risks and sacrifices you will make before you decide something.

    Are you willing to invest time and money to something that may cost your daily living budget? and not get anything out of it but playtime?
  20. Hey there, I'm glad you're back active.
    I'm just curious why did you didn't even bother to reply the scam report filed against you for $1100? To be honest, you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Go ahead and dare to call me "stalker" for asking refund of a project that you never did nor delivered.
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