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  1. I have a bungeecord server, I do host the bungeecord at a online host.
    the bungeecord is connected with a lobby on my localhost and that works.
    But now I try to join my kingdom server with using the hub but I get error.
    I run the kingdom server at my localhost, so in config it is localhost:25566.
    But when I try to join I get this error: Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later....

    Can someone help me out?
  2. So the bungee is hosted somewhere else, not home?
    Without port forwarding you can’t connect to your home server
    Also, once you’ve Port forwarded, in bungee config you put your external ip not local host

    sorry for poor formatting, written on an iPad
  3. Yes I have port forward done but the problem is that I dont know what IP I need to connect with my other local server.
    you can connect to lobby and the lobby is on my localhost too.
  4. I think you can get it with ipconfig in command prompt
    Your home ip probably changes frequently so I can’t recommend you home host at all
    Home hosting is very bad for far more reasons but those reasons are outlined in a thread by frash23 I think
    Also, why not put your bungee on your home pc? It’d probably make things easier

    once again, bad formatting, written on an ipad
  5. If people want to join now they only need the bungee IP and not my own IP.

    I only want to know what IP I have to do, I now have localhost:25566

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  6. Is lobby st home or remote?

    to get your ip, look up ‘what is my ip’. Get that in and replace localhost with it

    is this a public or private server? Please don’t home host a public server.its a really bad idea.
  7. the lobby server is on my pc and I want that my friends can join my bungee but not having my own IP thats why host the bungee on internet.
    so it is a public server from my pc whithout my own IP.

    My own IP is already used for my lobby that's why I want to know the IP of my kingdom server what I also run on my own pc.
  8. Fixxed it. I had to port forward every port of my local server.
  9. cool, if it's possible, mark the thread as solved :)