Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to Essentials v2.0.1-b501

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  1. Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to Essentials v2.0.1-b501...

    Everything had worked fine until I updated to the latest Spigot Paper, bringing the server to 1.12.1.

    What's wrong here?

    I've tried different versions of essentials, and have had no success.
  2. The next few lines of the log usually point to the 'cause' of the problem.
    Could you add them to your log?
  3. electronicboy

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    Spigot removed a few more deprecated methods in the jump to 1.12.1... basically, the plugin needs updating
  4. Time to update EssentialsX
    version 514 is on Jenkins
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  5. Ahh! There we go. Thank you!
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  6. im haveing same problem and i have essentials x for 1.12.2
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  7. Get the latest spigot for 1.12.2 (build with --rev 1.12.2 for example)
    and get the latest essentialsx from jenkins

    And dont /reload but actually /stop before you upgrade (and backup first)

    If that doesn't help, it's another plugin causing issues, because plain spigot + ex like that works fine here on our servers.

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