Could somebody PLEASE help me?

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  1. Hey! So I am very new to all of this Spigot and plugin stuff. I have completed coding a plugin. I have been following the "Creating a blank Spigot plugin" page. Well, when I go to export it it's supposed to say "plugin.yml", as shown in this picture:

    I unchecked .classpath and .project, but plugin.yml doesn't appear in this list! It says that it is supposed to go where you created the project. Is that the workspace folder if I am using Eclipse? If so, where in the workspace folder? Does it go in any of the following folders?

    All help will be appreciated!
  2. Could somebody please help me?
  3. plugin.yml should show in the root folder of the project. (eclipse as far as I know)
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  4. So in what folder should I put it in?
  5. Plugin.yml stays in the root of the plugin folder, export it as normal
  6. Is this right?


    If you tell me this is right then I will export it.
  7. In Eclipse:
    Code (Text):

    | > src
    |    > packages
    | plugin.yml
    The plugin.yml file goes in the project root directory. In this example that would be YourProjectName
  8. So how do I get it there?
  9. In Eclipse find where your plugin.yml is currently located and drag and drop it onto the main folder of your plugin.
  10. Ok I did that, then exported as normal. Then, I ran the server, but it didn't load my plugin. In the image, you can see it doesn't say "Activating plugin.jar" or whatever.

  11. Scroll through the console and check for any errors. Did you export the plugin.yml with your plugin?
  12. There were no errors, and when I exported, I unchecked .project and .classpath, like it said to do, but I kept plugin.yml checked.
  13. Can you paste the contents of your latest log file to here and paste the link here?

    The link probably won't work because I have no idea how to use hastebin
  15. "Cannot find main class `com.meeku.tutorialPlugin.SpigotBlankPlugin'"
    The main class specified in your plugin.yml needs to match the main class of your plugin.
  16. Hastebin your code and plugin.yml would ya?
  17. I fixed and it worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You will be remembered...
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