Could someone please explain....

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  1. Could someone please explain to me the difference between Libigot and Spigot? Im so confused.

  2. Libigot is designed for the Heroes RPG plugin while Spigot is an optimized version of Craftbukkit.

  3. LaxWasHere ah! that is why i could find almost no info about it from players.... seemed weird, well thanks alot! ^^
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    You can't find any information because it is an outdated hack that should never be used....
  5. I take it you're not a big fan.
  6. Libigot removes the nms changes that were forced by Craftbukkit.

    Effectively, Spigot is more up to date and better to use, unless you have plugins not updating for the nms change.
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  8. Could you explain what exactly is this? Also, should i build my plugins against spigot of bukkit?
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    Building against Spigot v Bukkit makes no difference.
    That is a GUI tool to change the version of imports in plugins, such as Heroes.
  10. I think I am in love.
  11. Just tried this... Annddd it works beautifully, much better than manually doing it all in eclipse (Especially for idiots like me).
  12. I have a bukkit server at the moment, but ii i was to use spigot to run my server, would i be able to still use my bukkit plugins?
  13. Yes, spigot is a modified version of CB.
  14. so am i able just to download spigot and replace my craftbukkit.jar with spigot.jar? or do i have to regenerate the files and everything if i want to run my server on spigot?
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    Just replace.
  16. I tried Interglot with Heroes... only got errors when attempting certain commands, running it on my local server.