Could someone Write this Up for me? Html / Php

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by korbynullvig, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. I have a website that shows a playercount And i have a code for custommainmenu that grabs it. But instead it grabs the whole code. Is there a way
    for the main index.php

    to make another file that the index.php sends the number of players to that file

    So the only thing in the file would be say (1070) <--- Basically the result of the player-count

    This is what im getting now
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  2. Php help, clearly. It's exactly what you asked for. Use your eyes this time and actually open the bloody website.
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  3. I was asking for someone to write it up for me.
    I not that good at Coding
  4. Then its not PHP help, it's "write my darn code"
  5. Spoonfeed once and you'll be back tomorrow asking for more freebies
  6. Strahan


    There is probably some easy regex way to pull that out, but I never got into regex. I assume you have all that code you got when you tried to get the count in a var. Split it on > then you can substr from the start to the < in the 9th value of the split var to get player count. Of course, this assumes the data you get back will never change its format.. if it does, then it messes that crude method up.