Could use some help on calculation

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  1. Hi guys,

    i had a question i was thinking of setting up a new dedicated server and had this one in mind:

    but how much players would this dedi be able to hold, without plugins. (those will be added later but i just need a indication)

    if tryed the canihostaminecraftserver but that thing seems to be talking chinees to me XD because everytime i input something the values are diffrent lol.

    But my latest test was 192 ? is this correct ?

    Also lets say i rent that server and i add a xen setup to it like this
    (1 spawn server (bungee/spigot)) (1 GB mem)
    (1 main world (towny/kingdom)) (10 GB mem)
    (1 minigames (about 4 diffrent ones)) (2 GB mem)
    (1 Dev Server (World building)) (2 Gb mem)

    so basicly ever servers run on 1 thread would that work because im trying to aim for max 150 players.

    thanks in advance.
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  2. You dont need a server with higher then 8 gb ram
    so i suggest you put the 10 gb to 8gb
  3. canihostaminecraftserver is not very accurate.
    With optimizations you can run about 100 players on a 10meg connection
  4. well 100 sound oke also i mean before that is all filled up.

    thanks guys, now to see if i can create a true rpg kingdom war server