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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Fr33styler, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. For about 3 weeks i've been working on a CounterStrike plugin like Hypixel (you can see it on, should i public it?
    For those who don't want to enter my server here is a video:
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    If it's definitely not leaked code from hypixel, making it public would be a great idea. (Notice how every single detail about the game is exactly the same as on hypixel, and you say you finished it in 3 weeks)
  3. Did you played on the server?, you will see there what isn't exactly, like recoil which is better in a spread in al direction than go up
  4. konsolas


    It's like that on hypixel, I'm pretty sure.
  5. You should make it public you'll have lot of success with this :eek:
  6. You know i will put it on premium resource with 15$ right?
  7. So long as you didn't use Hypixel's code in any way (as in you genuinely coded it entirely yourself), I would say definitely yes. People would love this.
  8. Is entirely coded by me, of course, how could i steal their plugins :))
  9. Then I would say yes. People would pay for this.
  10. But isn't so customizable and is for one server all games with signs and everything
  11. Yes I knew that it wouldn't be free and it's normal for a plugin like this ;) Anyway good luck
  12. I think you would do well! :p
  13. nice plugin, but did you actually code it all? If so...good.....job....
  14. What make you think this isn't code by me? :\
  15. If you are the kiddy in the video it's pretty unlikely that a 12 year old would code like that. And the fact that it just looks almost exactly the same like hypixel just makes it boring. Invent new types and games, do not completly rip off popular ones. Why should someone play it on your server of hypixel has much more users, gamemodes, Support and a better resourcepack etc?
  16. He didn't code it,he doesn't even have a rank on the server.He just did a gameplay and lied.
    I know the server Owner.
  17. The video is'nt made by me, i just take one from my players because i don't have a good internet connection , search on youtube "terracraft cs:go" and will see a lot of results
  18. Why play this when I can go play on Hypixel with thousands of other players ;)
  19. :0 when i was 8 i made a minigame close to hive's one in the chamber, it is now lost in my computers directory but anyway the point is: age doesn't matter
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  20. The video wasn't made by me, was made by players of my server...
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