Spigot CountSpoof+ | Advanced Online Player Count Spoofer 2.1.7

The Most Advanced Player Spoofer... REWRITTEN!! | 2.0 Release w/ GUI and Paper Support!

  1. Custom max/min players working only in serverlist, not in the server monitoring websites. What is the point of this plugin?
  2. My server is #1 in the world on multiple right now..
  3. Woo, it s awsome! for some reason, it didn't work when I checked! How did you manage to do that?
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  4. It takes a few minutes for the index websites to update with the server count. But you can just install the plugin and either:

    1. Change the setting in config.yml settings > staticOnlineCount > onlinePlayers to whatever count you want.
    2. Run /csp mode static
    3. Run /csp reload
    4. Come back and give 5 stars ;P

    Make sure you get the newest version as it fixes the /csp reload command
  5. not working for me
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  6. If you think it will work with bungeecord, which server would I install it on, the bungee, lobby or main game server?
  7. I think you would install to the main server. Whichever one you have handling things like your MOTD and total player count in the player list.
  8. OK, so, because the Bungee holds the MOTD and also the total player count on all servers for the network, I assume I would install it on the bungee server. Would the file config.yml be created if on the bungee - I would assume so?
  9. Yeah i believe so, whatever server you install it on it should install the config to. Let me know if it works on Bungee as that would be awesome!
  10. ok, I will have a go at testing it on the bungee, but will need to find a quiet time on the server for a full re-boot
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