1.8.8 Couple of questions --plugin & software

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by superblaze27, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Okay so a while back I came across this video and found it very interesting. it's a minecraft server but load balanced seamlessly. Anyone know anything about this project or anything that's similar?

    Also, sooo many servers seem to have this plugin (Hypixel incuded). I think the plugin is antiaura, but it's premium and I'm not gonna buy just to see if it is. A very unique trait is that particles follow the corosshair at a distance. Here's an example https://prnt.sc/rgju79
    You can find this on Arkham, McCentral and just about any server. Dying to know what plugin this comes from.

  2. Would you consider that those servers also have developers and mabye have a custom plugin for that functionality
  3. I would, but so many different servers with different owners have it. Very unlikely that it's not available for anyone to buy.
  4. The second one (also please note you shouldn’t bump your thread more than once every 24 hours) is just a either following where the player is looking. This is done for custom boss bars (1.8 support).