Solved Coupons Plugin - Cannot create coupons using dye.

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  1. Plugin im using -


    I am trying to make a coupon and I want the item to be light blue dye here is what I wrote -
    Code (Text):

                type: "DYE"
                data: 12
                name: "&aHeal Orb &r&7(Right Click)"
                - "&fRight click me to"
                - "&fbe healed instantly"
                enchanted: false
                useLimit: false
                limit: 1
            - "[console] effect %player% minecraft:regeneration 6 2 true"
            - "[console] effect %player% minecraft:absorption 5 2 true"
            - "[console] effect %player% minecraft:blindness 5 5 true"
            - "[console] effect %player% minecraft:slowness 5 2 true"

    but when I try to give someone one it just says "An internal error has occurred while attempting to preform that command" I have tried changing it to a iron block and it worked so it is something with the dye. And the item I want to use for it is dye.

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  2. I am pretty sure that is not "DYE" but "INK_SACK" you need to use in the type
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  3. Thanks for the help it is INK_SACK