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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Mahfiaz, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. I've been using Courzo for VPS which they recently stopped due to demand I'm guessing. Now since they've launched their budget minecraft plans, I started using them. Their VPS was good but not for someone in USA. Their only location was Germany, which kind of sucked, but a friend in France used them for their VPS' too and had great ping to the server.

    Their new budget line of Minecraft plans run on the i7 6700K which is a pretty good processor for Minecraft. I've been using their 6GB plan, which is around ~$15. I was with Aquatis but found their services to be pretty laggy, but you can't really expect much at a dollar a gig. Courzo sells at 2.50 a gig but also have a smaller plan that is 1.25$ for 512MB. Surprisingly, they do not sell OVH servers which is a bonus for most as OVH is just pure trash.

    Their support was pretty quick, I sent a request at 2:07PM and received a reply at 2:41PM. This could just be luck, but overall, it was quick.

    Their servers on the other hand, are amazing. On my old host, world editing would cause major lag depending on the blocks you were World Editing, so far it doesn't seem to be an issue. TPS is a solid 19.99 - 20 at all times so far. This is with 62 plugins installed, world 1000x1000.

    Just a short review if anyone else was looking at this upcoming host.

    Support = 8/10
    Servers = 10/10
    Reliability = TBD (Good so far)

    Although they are 2.50$/GB, it is worth it. I will most likely be getting into their premium services if I am still in this community.
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  2. Did you have FAWE? Could be why the old host was lagging if you didn't
  3. I did, it was just garbage. Loving the change.
  4. Vouch for Courzo, love their dedicated servers.
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