Resource COVID-19: Free Java Masterclass course for everyone (learn from home)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Disclosure: I'm Matej, the founder and author of the largest Minecraft education platform currently available (700+ students, 4.87 star rating) and I make money selling and promoting these courses.

    During the recent events I am seriously considering giving away a full fledged Java programming course for free. It's a complete Java Masterclass 5-week program for people who never coded anything before or experienced coders, showing them everything related to Java, programming and much more.


    I know a lot of you guys can't go into college/high-school right now because it's closed, so I believe education from home is becoming more important than ever right now.

    We do have a separate course for Minecraft however I can't give that one for free since it would absolutely zero our cashflow for the company, but the smaller course would do.

    Anyways, there would be no restrictions, completely for free at least until the events settle.

    The problem is that our team needs to re-engineer the portal somewhat to enable free signups, so I am writing here to discover if you'd be interested in taking this class at the first place.

    If enough people say yes, then we'll do it. Let me know what you think!

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  2. Me
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  3. This is very kind of you!
    I am already a member of *********** and it is amazing!
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  4. Yes
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  5. I can see people wanting to spend their time on this.
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  6. I'm good, stonks
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  7. Very good idea!
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  8. Very cool idea. Good point in time.

    There are many people here that should take that as an opportunity to improve their programming knowledge.
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  9. would be great :cool:
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  10. That is phenomenal :D
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  11. That's a really nice thing, I will dump the link on our corona information discord channel so those with an interest can check it out.
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  12. Thanks everyone for such an inspiring feedback!

    We'll do it in a few days... until then I opened a test account for you guys on this thread (IP restrictions removed)

    User: [email protected]***********.org
    Password: [email protected]***********.org
    URL: ***********.org/login

    Edit: If there are >1 people logged in it will kick you out due to antisharing protections and such. Be patient for the full version!

    Also please don't share logins just yet, it will get removed as soon as we finish the platform update. Until now keep in mind some features will not work or will be broken since the portal is only meant for Project Orion not the other course ;)

    PS: I am still waiting for @md_5 whether he'd like to support this idea or not. We do have a large mailing list and a Discord but it's still a tiny world compared to Spigot so I believe with his help we could spread this message the most effectively.
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  13. Very cool idea!
  14. clip


    your strategy reminds me of the 2 guys who bought all the hand sanitizer and is now stuck with tens of thousands of bottles :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  15. Why do i have to pay?
  16. I want to do this
  17. \/
  18. Funny you are the only one having offensive commentaries out there (including a discord server I am not going to mention)
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  19. I think what you're doing is great, of course there are many sites like Codecademy but they only are free up to a certain point. I think that this would be great for those who don't have a fortunate family with stable income to afford these kinds of classes, considering the skills they learn can teach them to be self-sufficient and obtain a stable income in the future. I honestly commend you for your attempt to help out such a large community @kangarko .