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  1. How many CPU and RAM use BungeeCord to keep 40-60 players?
  2. RAM is at minimum 256 for 500 (and less) players. Then you need to add .5mb per additional player. CPU... anything decent will do.
  3. I have a small vps ovh and it's working at 100% with BungeeCord and it's laggy, ram 512mb always at 70-90% and cpu at 100% 2ghz
  4. Yeah, maybe get a better VPS. Try http://www.shardhost.com/
  5. It's in the UK I think. Somewhere in London.
  6. Have you tried this vps, in my OVH vps have always strange errors with bungeecord.
  7. I had 3 VPS's with Shardhost. They were fantastic.
  8. How many players do you have in every vps and have some error in your console?
  9. I don't own them anymore, one was used to host a website, with ~100,000 connections a week to it. That was strenuous and the server held out to it.quite stressing on the server, but it did it.
    The other two were used to host MC servers for testing, I never really strained them.
  10. perhaps next month i'll try their vps
  11. externo6


    OpenVZ is not great with Java with the way it handles the memory. KVM maybe a better alternative but is more pricy. Then again your issue is not with memory :p. Bungee uses more CPU than memory. 1cpu at 2GHz is not enough for the amount of traffic you are receiving.
  12. So, i have bought a vps with a 1gb of ram, but it have only 2ghz of cpu and players have some problem of lag, it works strangely.

  13. What I recommend, from a professional point of view is to keep your VPS running a 20 slot single server, a 2.0GHz processor and only 1GB RAM simply cannot hold up to Bungee.
    How I can prove this?
    I have a 32GB, E3-1230v2 8 core Intel Xeon @ 4.2GHz Dedicated server, yet I am still occasionally getting CPU spikes on CPU1.
    Bungee is very very CPU intensive.
  14. Actually, BungeeCord is built in an odd way, it will use the excess of your CPU until another process needs more recourses, then it scales back. *If I remember correctly.*
  15. I had some problem of DDoS attack on my server, and to protect i did hide my real server using some proxy vps.
    At first, i have used tcptunnel or fproxy, but i couldn't see the real players of the players, but i didn't have any problem of lag, then i have known BungeeCord, that it allows to see the real players of the player.

    There is any solution to see the real players of the server without BungeeCord.

    The latest problem is that the players to connect to the server use 2 different BungeeCord and every BungeeCord shows only the players connected into.

    The main server has 32gb of ram and cpu xeon e3, and there i can't use BungeeCord, because i use this to hide the main server.

    Sorry for my english mistake, but i'm not english