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  1. I was wondering of the E5-1650 v3 would be a good cpu to host a factions server with 80 plugins, and 20+ players
  2. Ya that's a very good CPU
  3. How much ram should I give the server? I have a vps with 24gb
  4. Honestly depends on how big your worlds will be and how intensive your plugins will be and how many entities there will be. I'd say at least 6-8
  5. My server just closed for reset, I had gave the server 18gb. But it had been lagging bad even when server activity was low. Is 18gb overkill?
  6. Well if your lagging it's either the CPU or RAM, and 18 seems quite high so maybe it's the CPU. What place did you get this VPS from?
  7. The cpu is a E5-1650 v3, I am running the server with 8gb now and remove a most plugins. Tps is 19.95-20 when shooting cannons. I think it may be a plugin
  8. Well you need those plugins don't you.
  9. It's a 4 year old CPU maxing at 3.8GHz, also you did not mention the host or virtualization in any way so there is actually no way we could give a accurate answer.

    Then you should probably provide a timings report or start learning how to administrate and troubleshoot.

    No, not sure how it is normal in the rest of the world, but in Germany they would punch you for releasing a server with downloaded stuff.
  10. I'm using openvz and i'm going to switch to kvm when the month is up, The host is Fastvm.io
  11. From my experience, I would recommend using a shared host as you avoid the step of virtualization and you run on a dedicated machine.
    Also, most companies use CPUs with higher clock speeds which would be useful. Also in most cases, it's cheaper.

    I would recommend 6-8GB, but 8GB is already a lot and you should start with 6GB and upgrade to 8 if you reach ~150 players or you feel that you are maxing and you run in the risk of running out of memory. If your server lags it has almost nothing to do with RAM, a lot of people just get more RAM when it lags, which probably makes it worse.
  12. Okay thanks for the tips
  13. It kind of depends of what kind of plugins you are using. This CPU is could be good for what you are asking but you could still be unable to run you server properly in case where you're asking too much of you CPU by putting too much stuff into some plugin configuration files.

    For example, a plugin that would keep chunk loaded could make it hard for you CPU to keep up if your asking it to keep too many chunk loaded at the time. (Even if no players are in it)

    Also, as many people told you, RAM is also a good factor ;)
  14. That CPU should work without any issues. but as @Benliam12 said, RAM amount AND RAM type should also be factored in as well.
  15. 18 is too much. It isn’t how more ram how better. That’s to do eith the GC taking too long etc. You should have a max of 8-10 GB
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  16. Just use the game server on sys with the i7 4790k
  17. So you're telling me Minecraft server use a lot of the Gc ? (GC, for me at least, means Graphic card right?) If not, well, I have no clue what GC means :)
  18. GC stands for Garbage Collector
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