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  1. What is better to use,

    more cores
    or faster core speeds

    an xeon or a i7
  2. Depends.
    More cores if you're running more than one server.
    Faster core if you're using only one server.
    If you can get a bit of both I'd go for that.
    Dual core and slightly faster etc.
  3. im planning to rune multiple servers ye, when i restart a server rn it lags the other server. using a i7 4790k
  4. That's sort of an occupational hazard.
    When a server is restarting and when it begins to load all the servers up it's at the maximum cpu usage it can be at, it normally takes a few minutes to lower from that
  5. So what is better to use a xeon or i7
  6. Depends on the single thread rating of that CPU, you need to be more specific.
  7. i7 7700k or a xeon E3-1230 v3
  8. core speed and core/threads numbers. a i7 4790k it is good
    about the lag when you restart a server is because you are eating resources to get that server loading the world and the plugins. it will disappear after the server has loaded the plugins and the world.
    i7 7700k if you have a good budget (also faster and better than e3-1230 v3 because it has 4.20/4.50ghz rather than 3.30/3.70)
  9. Clock speed alone doesnt mean its a better CPU to run Minecraft, Minecraft is a single threaded game so the single thread rating of a CPU is more important :).
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  10. Gaxan


    Are you running your current servers on a hosting plan?
  11. that is for a server or only client based? what if you run multiple servers on one system?
  12. That is indeed for the server, the client I am not so sure, Yes you can run multiple servers on one system.
  13. i thought he was running a network :)
  14. Ye multiple servers:)
  15. WAS


    Depends on what you are doing with your server. It's it's mainly MC oriented you wanted power in your single-thread area. Multiple cores often thin single-core computation.
  16. electronicboy

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    if you're running multiple servers, you'll find that the high single core performance is outweighed by the number of threads you have, between a trash-tier E3 and a high end i7, it's pretty clear that the i7 is going to come on top in regards to performance in pretty much all aspects. if you was going to compare say, the i7 against a reasonable spec E5, I'd say that it would be more of a question on how many servers you're running.

    The tick loop of a server is single threaded, but you've gotta remember that the JVM needs threads for stuff like GC, and MC itself has threads for handling network and plugins, as well as your OS needing CPU for handling its own services.
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  17. WAS


    It's good to note that even with GC, and network handling, it's often sharing the same second thread and not much computation is needed over the thousands upon thousands of iterations for MCs block-based worlds.
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  19. Even if he is, the same applies. He is though comparing a high end i7 vs a mid range xeon, which gives a stand out answer. If they were both high ends well the answer may depend on how many servers on that network. :)