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  1. Hello,

    What E3 Cpu is the best for a Minecraft server ?

    Budget : $40-60
    Location : Europe

    I will have :
    3 Servers with 30 plugins

  2. Just grab an i7 with Hetzner. An i7 6700K would do a great job, goes for 39EUR/mo
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  3. We split the servers up over a few cheap vps - that way the ones that require very little will run on a smaller and cheaper account, and the bigger ones get more dedicated resources. Internally they can be each others offsite backup as well. VPS these days are a lot easier to upgrade and downgrade as well, so keep an eye on the stats after a few months, to see if you're able to merge a few, or expand one.
  4. Any E3 which is 4 core and 8 threads with 3Ghz+ will work for Minecraft, though like others have stated, I7's work as well.
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  5. i7's do work well, although they aren't particularly for server hosting. You can Google "{PROCESSOR NAME} benchmark" and find comparisons to other processors you might have more knowledge about. It will probably also give you speed ratings. It really just depends on how many players you think you'll get, how many and what plugins you will run, and the amount of services you'll run on that one machine.
  6. For that little servers, I recomend shared hosting. I love germanode.com