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  1. This is normal? ._. 62% - 90% of cpu only in 1 server bungeecord 15gb of ram.
    In my bungee come into play approximately 400 - 600 users

    Specifications of my dedicated:
    16 vCPU (Cores)
    128gb of ram
    500 SSD storage (GB)

  2. 62% out of 1600% dude. :p
  3. Hello,

    That is totally normal. Don't worry as long as you do not saturate all the cores.
    I have in my bungeecord process 400% and works perfectly, have a good day!

    Regards Ismael.
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  4. Oh thanks, I'm a little newbie at this XD
  5. Awh, doesn't matter, I am pretty sure this is how it works :)