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  1. Hello:
    I have a problem, I have got 50 servers with 256 Mb of RAM. The problem is when servers start to run consume too much CPU. I need to limit the CPU amount that severs can use.
    Thanks for your attention and I wait answer from you.
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  2. If you limit the CPU then that will affect the startup time of the server. I don't feel that limiting the CPU is the solution for your problem.

    I would suggest the following
    • Keep the runtime of your servers long (don't stop them after minigames, but keep re-using them)
    • Change your setup so only X servers can start up at the same time (this way the servers that are starting, will be available quicker than when you limit CPU)
  3. I understand that there is a way to put a limit on linux
  4. Gaxan


    If you start limiting the servers CPU usage, you're going to start having TPS issues.
    If the server is using the CPU it's because it needs to.
  5. Yes, I know, but the servers use very little CPU when this is start.
    But the problem is while this turning on, in this moment the server use 50% of CPU. If two servers restart, this use 100%
  6. That's the problem with running multiple servers on one machine. I've got a setup that sets an Sql value on server shutdown and startup. My start.sh scripts then just check for that value, and if it is set then it sleeps for 30 seconds and tries again.
  7. Why so many servers? Are you renting servers for other users? Or is it only your server network?
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  10. You could make a plugin that either sets a MySQL value, or makes a text file that lets the other servers know that one is currently restarting. Fairly simple to do actually; just have to know the Bash commands to get it to work.