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  2. With Minecraft servers, you are looking for clock speed, not number of cores. So that would get you no where. The best CPU for a Minecraft server current, (that I know of), is from Intreppid. The i7-4770k @ 4.5Ghz is a hoss, (Quite expensive also), but that has 8 cores, it's child, the i5-4670k @4.5 Ghz had almost the same bench marks on single core processing. (Which is really good.)
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  4. Dmck2b

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    If you're looking to get the best you can out of a server, might be worthwhile to go with a dedi with a decent CPU, then spread your server (if it has multiple worlds) over a bungee setup.
  5. Know any hosts that offer the The i7-4770k @ 4.5Ghz besides Intreppid?
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    Not unless you want to build + collocate yourself.
  7. Yes and no. They can be used for the few parts of MC that are threaded, (not much), which is why I suggested the i5-4670k also. For your scenario, a 4670k would probably be better. (Price wise and less idle cores.)


    Note the single core performance chart there.

    And I don't think any other host has the haswell lineup over clocked. Like md_5 said, you are better of collocating, only thing with that is, if something goes out, you're server is down for up to 2 weeks. (Getting your computer sent back, getting the part, fixing it, and having it sent back to the data center.) As where, if something goes out on an Intreppid box, they can have it fixed in probably 30 minutes of being notified.
  8. I use 1270v3 aswell, can hold 450 players.

    We plan on upgrading.
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