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  1. Hello all!

    We were here as a "summer" server which was shutdown last year and decided to come back as a full-time server since I'm done with university!
    Last time, we were hosted on a SYS E3-SSD-4 and it ran fine but honestly, we didn't need that much of power.
    Now, we need to choose one for a decent sized single server (Gonna do serious advertising) and hopefully converting it into a network.
    We will be having Factions, Few Unique Minigames, and a few more. So, we may get around 50-100 (possibly more) when we start it.

    I've looked through some hosts and found these:
    Kimsufi CA - KS-4 [i5-3570S]
    SYS - Not sure which. So recommend me some. Maybe the one with the E3 1225v2?
    Online - Dedibox LT 2015 [E3-1230v3]
    I've been using 4x Online servers for my File Sharing site (Krotix.net) which is LB'd and works great but not sure if that CPUs are perfect for MC.
    Also, we would like to keep the budget low since we're on a restart.

    Post any recommendations!
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  2. how high is your budget, how much players and servers in RAM etc do you want to host?
  3. Around €50-€60 or possibly less. We are expecting around 100+ players and I guess we'd start off with 16 GB of RAM.
  4. I'd really recommend anything in the Xeon E3 range for your needs. The Online LT 2015 would work fine, as would any of the E3-1245v2s from SYS. E3s can support up to 32GB RAM; if you need more than 32GB RAM on a single node I'd recommend an E5-1650v2/v3.
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  5. Alright also, since Online's DDoS protection ain't the best, I'm planning on GRE Tunneling through an OVH VPS. Does the VPS need a good amount of ram or it doesn't matter?
  6. Ram isn't everything you know. You need to rely on the cpu also! Also the ovh vps aren't that good for minecraft at all nor is their ddos protection as they usually block legit traffic
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  7. I'm aware of that. But we've used OVH on the past but I'm considering this just for tunneling. I'll be needing just the basic DDoS protection for now though.
  8. I'd also like to add upon this that will a E3 1225v2 handle 100 players easily?
  9. Yes, but that is a little out-dated.
  10. Well, the how about the KS-4? Since it is having 4 cores, running 4x100 slots would handle it? Also is the 100mbps bandwidth enough?