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  1. Hello,i bought a new dedicated server and i have problem with cpu usage.Everything is normal but when i join,just a single player (me) the cpu is used about 80% . I dont know what should i do,please help me
  2. I can't,i did what they said but it's not working
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    > AuthMe
    > Plugins which are outdated
    > Plugins which are outdated premium plugins

    TPS is fine, Looks like your servers CPU just sucks or your outdated plugins are your issue. I'm kinda curious as to if you even purchased those plugins...
  4. I did it,i updated the version of spigot,the cpu usage is the same
  5. I did it,but if you say so i will remove htem for a few seconds
  6. Im using Intel Xeon E3-1240 3.30Ghz
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    1. Where did you get the premium plugins?
    2. offline mode?
  8. 1.here
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    1. I have doubts.
    2. Offline mode servers aren't supported.
  10. I found out,hub is the problem.When i connect on hub it;s about 80% cpu.when i disconnect and go on survival and close the hub,procesor is about 3%.I had a problem with mysql too when i use AntiBotDeluxe