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  1. Hi, i have a VPS where i have 4 servers (login, test, skywars, survival), the problem is with skywars, i was wondering how many players a VPS like mine (Level 5) can handle, on an average day we easily have 100 players on that VPS, on skywars when there are more than 80 players the tps drops to 15 or even less, well my question is, is this normal ? Should it be running better or it's okay ? Do we need more VPS ? Also i when the server has been running +12 hours it starts to lag, which is understandable but i was wondering how i could make the VPS to auto-restart at 12 am/pm and start the screens with the servers. Thanks.
  2. Your server just isn't powerful enough to handle that amount of players, I'd suggest upgrading it.
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  3. Get a better VPS dude.
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    I would suggest switching to a dedicated machine instead of a vps. You will get way better performance. Plus, your server software matters too. Bungee will use more ram and resources, than something like lilypad. Which you may not be using bungee, but I am guessing you are.
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  5. I would like to switch too, but we can't afford that righ now, thanks for the suggestion.
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    Np, if you want more help, just dm me for my Skype.
  7. Get a dedi, the best solution ;D
  8. Get a dedicated server, VPS are bad for game servers. Have a look at kimsufi.com, it's a ovh product page. with all advantages
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  9. Liek Microsenix Said, Either Get A Dedicated Server Or You Can Get The Server Usage Spread Across Smaller VPS' Which Prevents Lag On One Server Leaking Onto The Other, It Will Also Make The Network More Redundant To Downtime.

    How Many Players Are You Looking To Have Alltogether On Your Network?
  10. Same thing happens to my server.. Can you post your timings on your servers, because it may not even mean you have to switch yet. Let's see if we can find the problem internally first before jumping to conclusions on switching hosts.
  11. I Agree, But Hosting 4 MC Servers On One Virtual Server Is Not The Most Efficient Way Of Minecraft Server Hosting
  12. You hurt my eyes.
    But i agree with what you say ;3
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  13. Sorry lol, i'm trying to stop using capital letters at the start of every word
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  14. If you get a vps with 4 cores, enough processor speed and memory, you should be fine. You should consider the processor core count when selecting a new vps.
  15. Unless you are a idiot which gives a VM 24 cores whilst the host CPU has 4 cores
  16. Lol, too many cores usually makes it either really expensive or drops the processor speed. As for VM cores... lets not talk about that.
  17. Azure is expensive with their 2-4 cores systems.. Not even to talk about the 24-48 cores systems...
  18. I used to like Xeons, but then noticed that they are completley usless if your running 1-4 servers. Just pick up a skylake lol Since minecraft is single threaded there is no point.

    Several people have told me that they have an 8ghz processor because 2.1ghz X 4 = 8ghz
  19. XD I Know Right

    One Thing Though, With Running 4 Servers, Hypothetically, 1 CPU Core Per MC Server Is Not That Good, Another Thing Is You Can't Partition The CPU To Each MC Server So That Each One Runs In Parallel Since, you could use virtualisation but since it's a VPS i don't think you'll be able to do that...
  20. I have a decent skylake in my dedi (i7-6700) and can handle minecraft easily