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  1. There are ways to do that but it may cause lag if the server needs more then it has assigned.
  2. How Do You Do That?
  3. By limiting the x amount of cores for a server but if your server needs more it will lag the SH** out
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    (It makes you look like an 11 year old trying to act older)
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  5. Update your VPS, or buy dedicate server.
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  6. Lol, sorry man, if you read previous in the chat i said that is't just a bad habit that i have. i am trying to stop as of NOW Thankyou for getting me to do this
  7. This is real good info, thanks.
  8. proud to be a member of the Spigot Community :D
  9. I recommend http://omgserv.com, for my server to 60 people use a VPS of 16 gb of ram and 4 vCores, clearly if you can optimize everything and tighten the ram you anger well, ami too much me ram and cpu.
  10. I've heard of them, i was going to use them. Is They're Unlimited Minecraft plan alright?
  11. NOTHING is unlimited
  12. 60 players ? I have 200 players, and i would have twice that amount if it weren't because of the lag, but you know i'm only 18, and im already paying 50€/month, it's not easy.
  13. unlimited bandwidth.
  14. Unlimited bandwith contains a AUP e.g. ovh with their 2016 VPS ssd line which you get 10TB out (upload bandwith)
  15. Why do you have 200 players on a VPS? They're not designed for that kind of thing if you're buying from a shared host.
  16. 2 VPS, well i can't afford a ssh.
  17. Add me on Skype: boomclawed.
  18. Generally, don't run larger Minecraft servers on a VPS. VPS providers tend to use processors with many cores in order to prevent resource hogging. This is great for most things, but Minecraft server performance suffers greatly.

    If you really want to battle with a VPS, go look for a high quality provider which offers dedicated E3 cores (ExtraVM and RamNode comes to mind).

    A Haswell 4790K will currently outperform any Skylake chip by a decent margin. On top of being cheaper, it would be the best option.
    You're very close though :)
  19. Power & Heat efficiency. Plus i may or may not have a slight bias to the new architecture. But basically, heat and efficiency. One chip doesnt always outperform the other
  20. Those two points really don't make a difference in server racks.
    Sure, power consumption matters to the server provider, but not to the person leasing the unit.