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  1. Ignore that :p Im not thinking today. But yeah i probobly just like the new acitecture. But honestly, 4790k or 6700k, compared to something slower with more cores for a small amount of servers will always do much better in the single threaded department.
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  2. For 2 years I had a network of 500 people daily, bought dedicated a company towards much worse than omgserv overselling, and pulling, not is that you're saying, and I at least managed well the lag.
  3. Is omgserv okay ?
  4. So Is OMGServ's "Unlimited" Plan Worth Getting Or Not?
  5. Nope.
  6. no its not unlimited.
    You would only get up to 256gb of ram
  7. No, if omgserv has much CPU your server, suspended you service and will tell you that you reduce the use of cpu.
  8. Whilst your server is suspended that means that your CPU usage is 0.0% instead of 10% or something lel
  9. I once used a host of unlimited ram omgserv, skywars reloaded, 30 worlds and about 40 plugins with 200 players, and they canceled it by overview of cpu.
  10. 1 easy sentence: Shit host.
  11. So do you think i should go for hosthorde instead?
  12. as i see - prices in euros - so you are looking for EU host - for similar price, get a seflow.net offer - theri dedicated, with i5 2500, 32 gb ram, and 240 ssd is for 24 euros per month, if you want DDOS prot, thats additional 9 euros, but still a good offer
  13. That's An Amazing Offer, Might I Say Better Than OVH, But What's The Minimum Age To Rent A Server?
  14. Right now we're paying 30 € for one of our VPS, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 v2 (we can only acces 8 cores), 32 GB. Do you guys know if we can get something better ? In total we pay 50 € for the VPS from above, same CPU (but we can only acces 4 cores) and 24 GB, any one know if we can get anything better ?
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    Get a SoYouStart dedicated for the same price (a few dollars difference) and get a much better single-thread performance CPU.
  16. cant say, im 25 - so no problems with that
  17. Isn't that using OVH's Datacenter/s? Correct me if i'm wrong but it looks like it in the order menu
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    Yes, it is OVH's brand.
  19. but what does that mean then? it's an affiliate?
  20. I cannot believe that you are using that host, you had to get that for free or something...