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should i use the 4790k?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. whast is the best cpu for running a minecraft server on.
    i dont care about price to performance i just want the most raw performance and i can link 3 together.
  2. I would go with a SyS E3-SSD-4...
    If I gave you a perfect CPU for minecraft you probably couldn't find a host for it, as it probably wouldn't have the exact model.
  3. im building the machine and hosting myself so if you can say it i can build it.
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    The E3 series processors are the best you'll get for Minecraft if you want a server processor. Get an E3-1271 v3 and you'll be good to go for a long time, this is the best answer you'll get really; Between this CPU and others that people will say, there's really not much difference.
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  5. It'll probably have to be some i7, actually u think there is one very very very very expensive Xeon part that has a smidgen of more performance per thread.
    You could colo it :D
  6. why the e3 tho i mean i could oc a i7?
  7. and wouldn't a i7 4790k be faster at stock?
  8. also i would be running one server per rig so having 4-6 cores at idile 24/7 that i dont like the sound of to much
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  9. i7-4790k, as it has the best single thread performance. Minecraft is poorly optimized and the Full server tick runs on one thread, making this CPU the BEST for single thread workloads.
  10. I recommend Xeon E3s for high-load 24/7/365 tasks. Because they're built on the same platform, a Core i7-4790 and, say, a E3-1271v3, are going to perform very, very, very similarly in terms of relist performance. The difference is that the Xeons support Enterprise-grade technologies such as ECC RAM and are better designed for 24/7 workloads.
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  11. Except for the different memory controller, E3's aren't really any better "suited" for 24/7 operation, Xeons are usually thoroughly tested before shipped, where as i7's aren't.
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  12. actually the e5-2699 v3 has teh same cores as the 5960x just a lower clock speed.
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  14. You'll be able to fit the most players on a single minecraft instance with the 4790k.
  15. ok what about 3 in bunggiecord.