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should i use the 4790k?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. I haven't tested running a server on a home computer processor. Dedicated is best choice.
  2. it would be 4 of them dedicated to running one server and a sub server. so it is consumer grade but the cores are the same as the e5-2699 v3 as in the i7-5960x one server and one consumer so i see no difference.
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    The 2699v3 has 18 cores, the 5960X has 8 cores. The difference?

    (And yes, you should use the 4790k)
  4. the core count and amount of cache are the only differences that make much diffrence
  5. no because i can read that shit, they don.t accept usd, i want 32gb, and im going to host it myself to be able to overclock, update, manage, etc myself on my own network.
  6. Overclocking a server is bad! It lowers the cpu's lifespan and has a high chance of a server shut off if the cpu overheats
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  7. @FuriousPvP please explain how that was funny. I am dying to know.
  8. Because overclocking does NOT lower the lifespan of a CPU. Temperatures and voltage do, which are only SOMETIMES caused by overclocking.
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  9. dude my personal rig is at 4.7ghz from 3.5ghz and 1.3 core volts you think i don't know that if i did i would either not increase the volts or just a little but either way im going to put a 360mm water cooler on it so temps will not be a problem.
  10. Single core performance. The 5960X has better per-core performance.
  11. because of a higher clockspeed.
  12. That's not the defining reason, but sure.
  13. Zeo


    I don't really get what you mean, are you going to run two servers with four(?!) 4790Ks or am I reading this wrong?

    If you are running a single server on a dedicated home-hosted box, save yourself a case of money and go with the Pentium 3285. It overclocks like a beast and because the minecraft server is single threaded you won't even touch the other core unless you have a few (read: quite a few) plugins.

    If you are planning on running two servers on a dedicated box, you really wouldn't need more than the i5 4690k (overclocked since you aren't opposed to it) unless you are running HUGE servers or have a lot of players.
  14. Stability does suffer, though.
    The cores in the 2699v3 aren't the same as the ones in the 5960x. That's not how processors work. What is your source on this?
  15. Probably referring to the single thread performance which is actually fairly close and considering the I7 can be over clocked it may actually beat it.