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Crack players on Premium Server?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by FrogBarZ, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Crack players on premium server? is that possible? like there is an option where your server's online mode is set to true but only some chosen crack players can enter?

    online-mode: true

    in that config, frogbarz is cracked and he has access to the server and needs to /login like that.

    Autoin plugin, i don't know how does it work and i'm 100% confuse on it's configs.

    Thank you!

    P.s, If I posted it on wrong tag, please ask me to move.
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    Not possible. And yeah. wrong forum:)
    Just buy Minecraft. especially when it's just one player or two^^
  3. Rbt


    It is very possible. However, it can be pretty complex when there are both unauthenticated players and authenticated players.
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  4. i9hdkill

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    You can only do it by setting online-mode to false, but that is not what he wants I think.
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  5. You'd have to host your own auth server..yeah, good luck with that.
  6. I believe the question you want to ask is "Can I validate premium users on a cracked server?"
    I also believe the answer is yes.
    You would have to have players login with their Minecraft username and password on your server though and I do not see many people wanting to do that as they will probably think you are going to steal their account.
  7. I'm sorry, I'm bad at english

    This is what I meant:
    Server is set to PREMIUM but only listed CRACK users can enter if they're CRACKED, all the PREMIUM users can access anytime even though he/she is not on the list.

    Thank you replies! :)
  8. This is not possible because online-mode is set to true, which means it will connect to the authentication servers and not allow any cracked accounts in. You can do it when online-mode is set to false, but as @coolv1994 has already stated, not many people would like to enter their Minecraft account details. Additionally, you would need to code that plugin yourself.

    Simply put, this is impossible with your requested conditions.
  9. thank you for reply, I know that I have to code it by myself, I'm just asking if it is possible ;)
  10. You could always use AuthMe or xAuth so cracked players could register their account.
    However, I have an idea to verify premium users without the need for using you MC credentials.
    The way the auth system works is when a user logs in with the launcher they are assigned a user session id if they logged in correctly.
    The user will then poll the auth session server when you go to join a multi-player server.
    If you're logged in, the auth session server will assign you a game session id and link it to your user session id.
    So... What you could do is make a plugin to query the auth session server and check if that player has a valid game session id.
    If the game session id is valid they are premium. No login command or anything extra needed from the player.
    You may then also want to query the auth server to get the current players uuid and make sure their username and uuid match the result from mojang.
    Normally with online-mode on the player would have been kicked, but with offline mode and a custom plugin, what happens is up to you.
  11. is not possible but i think if a craced port open to the server with a plugin it is possible
  12. 1. This thread is over 2 years old
    2. Your reply makes no sense.
    Cracked players can't play on non-cracked servers. Never.
  13. MiniDigger


    thats not true, you could use protocollib to modify the login process, not requiring protocol encryption and authentication for whitelisted usernames
  14. I have tried that, and it still returns me with not authenticated with Minecraft.net error.
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    pretty sure I had smth working at some point
  16. Well, sorry for my reply then.
  17. Does anyone have a plugin that can do this?