Cracked bungee network => premium bungee network

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  1. Hello,
    I am running a server that is currently in offline-mode (cracked) but we want to convert it into a premium network (better security - more advertisement options - and a thousand extra improvements)

    I am having a tiny problem with finding a way to convert all the offline data to online data. Is there a plugin or a way to auto-convert all plugin/ server data from players to their online uuid so people don't lose any stuff?

    We have 3 servers running under the bungee instance with over 100 player files/ server so doing it all manually isn't really an option :p

    Thanks in advance! :giggle:
  2. I don’t really know the answer to your main question but I don’t understand how you would want to convert cracked players’ data to online if some of the accounts don’t even exist in premium
  3. I only need the data of the premium members converted because I don't want them to lose all the stuff they have worked for. (the cracked players will no longer have access so that data is irrelevant)
  4. Its not possible, cracked players do not use real UUID. They generate random ones. Youll lose all data if you do so.
  5. Alright, thanks for the fast reply already :)
    1 more little question. if I were to manually check every player and give them their correct UUID from
    will it work by only changing it in the world player data folder or do I need to fix every plugin with it as well?
    Really desperate to not lose player data XD
  6. From the world and every plugins that uses players UUID
    I know its a huge pain, but thats a lesson youre gonna learn from it ;)
    Cracked version < premium version
  7. Welp,
    Now I know what to do the coming 4 days that I had free XD corona has closed all things so maybe not even a bad thing XD
    Thanks to every one for their fast reply :)
  8. sorry but 1 last questions (yhea I am a real noob)

    Can I convert the uuid to the premium uuid whilst the server is still in cracked mode (running) and once I did them all change it to offline-mode true?
    And do I need to change it in the bungee files as well?

    So much thanks for the help
  9. Don't run cracked, you avoid all these issue. Have fun.
  10. That is why I want to switch it to premium ;) but the server was already made in cracked before I became owner of it :(
  11. The server has to be shut down in order to change the UUID. And if you change them to premium and then open the server in cracked mode then the cracked players will start from zero
  12. Phoenix616

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    There are several tools available (e.g. this one) which allow to at least transfer save files between offline and online mode UUIDs. The same logic could be easily adapted to convert any database/other config files. The only issue you will run into will be players that don't have a mojang account or didn't use the same username as with their account.