Cracked Bungee (non)connect list

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  1. Hi there!

    i got a normal minecraft bungee server (with spigot servers) and a cracked skywars bungee server (with spigot servers)

    i connect my bungee to the skywars bungee to make my players play there,
    it can, it works, ...

    i shared it with my friend and it worked fine too,

    but i noticed that every bungee server is now able to connect to my cracked skywars bungee server,
    but i want that only i and my friend are able to connect, not other peaple,

    How can i make/download a "white list" that makes this possible?
  2. Change restricted to true in the BungeeCord config.yml
    Code (Text):
        motd: 'Your motd'
        address: YOUR IP:PORT
        restricted: true
    Note: restricted prevents players from joining the server unless they have the bungeecord.server.[servername] permission
  3. ok, thanks!

    but where should i place that permission?
    at pex that i use on the normal spigot servers
    or at the bungee permissions file?
  4. iMedia


    Bungee Permission File
  5. But if other servers set restricted to true,
    place the permissions in their bungee permissions file,
    are they than still able to join?