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Should I make it a cracked network?

  1. Yes (Please explain)

  2. Nope (Please explain)

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  1. Neofusion


    Not but people who spend 100, 200 or even 300 on him self or other people in the network do.
  2. True. But it's way easier to do in offline mode. Thus the quantity of bypassers is on a completely different scale.
  3. I've added a poll, please vote to help me decide! :)
  4. No. Never. People can log in as ANY username that's allowed (billions) to evade bans, op themselves by logging in to an admin account, etc.
  5. Neofusion


    You don't even know what you're talking about. You cannot just login to any account.

    Please explain your funny logic.
  6. Worded it wrong, you can connect to any cracked server with any username that's allowed.
  7. Neofusion


    How can you miss word "op themselves by logging in to an admin account"?

    Offline servers have private auth system. Because the system is private, the owner of the network can see and gather a lot of information from it. If someone chooses to use a proxy and make another account, it's very easy to track them. This is something that cannot be done with on online server with a users who has multiple Mojang accounts.
  8. We have both an authentication plugins for normal users and an IP-lock for staff accounts. Based on that, what do you think?
  9. In as world where people can change their IP address in 2-3 minutes, why would anyone use a proxy to avoid bans, except for the "ima 1337 jax0r guize" factor? Do you just ban an IP range covering half a dozen cities every time you ban someone? Have fun with that. Chances are, it would not even block the targeted person, with how some ISPs assign addresses.

    I am sure you, someone nobody has ever heard of, have solved a problem that the biggest companies in the online game industry have never managed to solve.
    Please, enlighten us.

    Until you do, i think it is safe to accept that one can never effectively ban someone from a server that does not require proof of ID/payment.
  10. I'm thinking I'll start as online mode, see how the community does.

    Thanks for the replies everyone (pretty sure this wraps up the thread, but any last minute responses are welcome. I'll lock it later)!
  11. its just a brick wall really; keeps out all the idiots.

    your statement is a bit funny, i was stuck with a static ip for five years. just switched to charter last year and got a dynamic ip. static ips are still really common, just consider how many people have shitty wifi (AT&T, for example, uses static ips)

    to your poll, i think that the playerbase COUNT would be different but the content would be much more negative (from my experience; i played cracked servers like kyuzi for 2 years). feel free to experiment, but the majority of "quality" players actually own a minecraft account
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  12. I have AT&T, and i can confirm it is not static, you have to pay something like 40$ a month more for a static address. Maybe it is a regional thing?

    I am not sure what you mean by shitty wifi, since "wifi" is not a type of internet service provided by an ISP, it is entirely within a local network. Do you mean satelite?
  13. Neofusion


    I think it comes down to the protocol used and what tech is in the area that the ISP has access to.

    For example In Australia we uses ADSL/ADSL2+ and that uses a dynamic range. Right now Australia is in the middle of switching to VDSL which uses a static IP. Cable and Fiber also use static IP addresses.
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  14. i paid $60 a month for their service and it probably is a regional thing. i live in midwest united states and they do not offer dynamic ip addresses where i'm at.

    jesus christ how often do you practice being a smart ass
  15. Neofusion



    That should answer your question.
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  16. I first started building my server in premium but i changed to cracked as i would want to get more players. Security is an issue, also uuid mismatches won't happen as long as u use fast login. U could use auth plugin authme or a custom one.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. i love cracked Networks! So much Hackor`s :D:D
  19. FastLogin is going to have an update soon which has a switch-mode feature, where cracked players have to be whitelisted before they can join. I currently do this system which I can whitelist cracked player usernames, and they have to /register while premium players do not have to /register . This is good if you want a server without a super bad community, as with switch mode once you ban their username, they can't come back unless they whitelist another username or join with a premium account
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