Cracked or Premium?

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  1. Hey,

    I'm unsure whether to allow cracked players, or just premium players, onto my upcoming server. I know some of the benefits and some of the risks, but what do you think?

    I have a custom login plugin, to take care of accounts being taken, and the security part is fine.

  2. It heavily depends on what player community you're trying to obtain
    • kids
    • teens
    • adults
    • green creatures from another planet
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  3. If you're trying to make any money with your server, cracked players are not your audience, they don't even want to buy Minecraft, so they definitely won't buy something from your shop. Just keep it to premium users only. Saves you a lot of effort.
  4. If you want a good server you should make a premium, but i think there come not so often a player, because of the lots of non premium minecraft user.

    What else you need to remember that there is a lot of work if you make a Cracked server to make more plugins and performance also , of both versions you have advantages and disadvantages !
  5. Thanks for all of your comments so far, anyone else got any info?

    Welp :p
  6. Premium, prior to the fact that cracked launchers can get server details/player information, including you, from what I know from other server owners. Stay premium just for your safety :p
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  7. Ty for that info.
  8. Cracked in my opinion. My network is for cracked and premium both by using BungeePremiumAuthenticator letting me filter Cracked from Cracked people trying to use premium minecraft accounts.
    It doesn't need any Skin plugin or any extra login. It has its own MySQL Support and own /login (It will also require an extra server [I use 512MB] for authentication where people will teleport to when registering.
  9. Mikgreg


    No real benefit comes from running a cracked server except a slightly inflated player count, that small benefit is marred by extremely hard community management, lack of donations and other security issues.
  10. Premium

    - Less hackers/cheaters.
    - More donations.
    - More friendly players.
    - No security risks.


    - Little to no donations.
    - More players, but most of them are insultants, hackers and more.
    - Security risks.
    - Almost no premium players.
  11. Thanks all above.

    I'm thinking of going to Premium instead of Cracked from all of that.
  12. Well, some people don't want/need donations as Servers aren't expensive.. :p
    I for one make servers to entertain people and don't mind not receiving donations. My donations are satisfying people.
    As for the Security Risks - Close to none if you use the right plugins.
    As for Hackers - Plenty of plugins will assure your hacking issues.
    Premium players will not feel the difference of Online-Offline with BungeeCord+BungeePremiumAuthenticator.
  13. Finally someone who can tell me how to complete my goal!

    Not one green creature is joining my server, yet I keep on getting these little kids who hack, how do you propose I get these honorable aliens?
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  14. Can you elaborate more on the "server details/player information"? What information does this include?
  15. Cracker servers suck, why?
    #1 You can create any possible name with a hacked client
    #2 You need a password plugin
    #3 Players don't want to log-in every time
    #4 Get a premium server!
  16. They can find your private IP which can see your home address and also more personal details like bank info ect. Scary world...
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  17. That would be home hosted which anyone can do. And bank information... Really... :')

    You guys do realize cracked and premium can play on the same server? I know many successfull cracked servers with many donators, large playerbase, and many premium users. The only downside I see to premium is higher maintence since some plugins are very wierd when it comes to offline players
  18. ^ Thanks for the info above. I've decided to go Premium, but I'll keep this open for any other discussion wanted on this topic.
  19. Private IP; okay. and then i stopped taking the rest serious...
  20. I wish.