Cracked server TAB heads

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  1. Hello, iam not from england or this states.. so i have cracked servers because 80% of peoples have only cracked minecraft.

    Can someone, or is someone plugin that giving HEADS in tab ( in 1.8.x), ???

    Skins is skin restorer but always no IN TAB heads. please help. thanks. Sorry for my english.
  2. joehot200


    There is no plugin that does this at the moment.
  3. can someone create this plugin please?
  4. It's only possible by modifying the connection packet sent by the client when they pre-login. ( I do this on my server ), and as I know, it's only possible to be done with BungeeCord.
  5. Thats wrong bro.

    You posted in the wrong section i think. We are not taking plugin requests here ;) The forum for plugin requests got archieved, so i guess you got to hire a developer for it here.
  6. "as I know, it's only possible to be done with BungeeCord.", haha, just found out that the plugin LogIt does it on spigot :p
  7. I know this is a old thread, but yeah, I tried doing this (on BungeeCord) but I'm not getting any successful results.

    On my idea, I would do this:
    Override the default InitialHandler to be always online mode: true, however we are going to use offline mode UUIDs and any authentication will be discarded (so we are going to ignore the Encryption Key Response)

    I already done that, however it seems the client auto-kicks itself when he receives the Encryption Key Request. "Failed to login: Access Token can not be null or empty." I tried debugging to see if Bungee was sending that packet but nope, the last sent packet is the "EncryptionRequest", so now I'm stuck, the only difference between a online mode login and a offline mode login is that the server sends a encryption key request before the login success.

    Maybe I'm overcomplicating things.
  8. After a lot of research about this...

    This is impossible to do in a cracked server, the heads only show in TAB if you encrypt the connection (something that only happens in online mode servers), sounds easy, right?

    But, if the server sends a "Encryption Request" to the client, the client (yes, the client, not BungeeCord, so you can't cancel the kick) automatically disconnects due to "Access Token cannot be null or empty".

    What you can do is only encrypt connections of non-cracked users, but then only non-cracked users will see the heads in the TAB.

    (Also, nobody did successfully show the player heads in TAB yet in an offline mode server, if you did... then congrats to you)