Cracked server without /login?

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  1. Hey there,

    I would like to know if it is possible to have a cracked server without needing to install a protect plugin like authme and so.

    Is this possible using a custom launcher or different ip's for Cracked and premium people?
    So that people can't enter premium accounts or other cracked accounts.
  2. get a plugin to check the ips and if someone logs in from a diffrent ip then block their log in attempt?
  3. That is possible, but how to do with routers changing the ips and people with vpn's and so?
  4. AuthMe can record a "session" until the IP changes (then he need to login again), so it is like this:

    Player123456 Registers on your Server
    Player123456 Log outs
    5 minutes passes...
    Player123456 log ins (He didn't need to use /login)
  5. It is very possible, however you run into an issue with cracked clients logging in as opped players or admins. Just to be safe, I'd install a plugin like AuthMe.
  6. The only problem with detecting the IP is if the person has someone near them, say family in the same household, or a friend came over to play, or even using a public location. Player1 might join in, play, then later leave. Player35 joins and notices he is not who he was last time he was on and either freaks-out/griefs.
  7. Could use host keys. Log in once and you generate a subdomain only they can log in from.

    Example usage:
    - I log in for the first time with the username I want
    - I use /register
    - Server sends me back a new IP that is a subdomain
    - I log out, reconfigure server list to use that IP
    - I log back in
    - Plugin checks the subdomain I logged in with and matches it against my username
    - If the subdomain is not registered to that user, you get disconnected
  8. kill_da_trolls


    That could work but you'd need to host your DNS on your own machine / find a DNS provider with an API and convert it for use with Java and Bukkit.

    Double post BTW.
  9. Thanks or your help till now!
    Is this also possible?
    Someone enters server first time needs to do /register (pw) (pw)
    The server remembers his last ip he logged in and from there if the person with that name enters with the same IP as before he don't need to enter enter his password? So when someone else enters on his account on other IP he needs to put the passwd again.
    So the IP is connected to the player's name/ id.
  10. AuthMe does this, also LogIt (search on Spigot Resources)