CrackShot help

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by AlwaysAllstar25, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Hi! I use CrackShot for my server and it's an amazing plugin. I need help updating guns. I have skip name to check set to true. The thing is, if I want to update a gun, the guns already existing in player inventories or chests don't update, only the ones that are newly generated. Is there a way so if I were to update a gun, it would change the stats of that gun for every gun in existence? So the next time a player selects that gun it'll automatically update to the newer version? Right now if I update a gun, it's how I want it when I spawn it in for myself, but the one's that were generated before the update stay the same. I want these guns already in existence to update so if I were to nerf a gun's damage there wouldn't be two versions of the same gun that do different damage.

    A different question: Does CrackShot support CustomModelData tags or something I can do so I don't need an item for each individual gun? This way I can set each gun to one item, like coal, but then each of them has something that makes them different from one another (NBT Tags I'm guessing). This way I'm not limited to how many items there are in vanilla minecraft.

    CrackShot: 0.98.9
    Minecraft: 1.14.4