Craft system like MMO ?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering if there is a plugin who can add a crafting system like mmo ?
    A plugin who do not replace the actual crafting system, but who add another one with a custom GUI and configurable craft ?
  2. What do you mean? A plugin that lets you add custom recipes? I don't know what "crafting system like MMO" means.
  3. In WoW, we can craft different armor & weapon etc... depending on your profession. And we need to craft to progress in our profession and unlock more craft etc...
    I'm looking for a plugin who does 100% configurable. Where I can choose the profession etc... But this plugin shall not replace the actual basic craft system of Minecraft, it's just an add, maybe with a custom GUI.
  4. But does there is the profession system and progression system too ? i've watched some showcase and it just add custom craft recipes :(
  5. You can make it happen, by making a crafting ladder, with specific ingredients per player type.
  6. with proRecipes ?
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  7. I'll help you later when I'm able
  8. Okay, I'm waiting for your answer ! :D
  9. Sorry, ive been quite busy. Summer just started. You cant make a progression system per se, unless you required certain items to be crafted and put together to make the next "level" package
  10. I like the idea. Maybe I'll write something like this. But don't depend on me because I'm a lazy af developer. xD
  11. You can use Heroes, it has a system call "Permission Skills" that will help you set the permission of custom recipe for each class. And you need a plugin can create custom recipes and have permissions per recipe like ProRecipes.